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Coerver CT East offers Private Training Options


PrivateTRAINING with a purpose... 


Coerver CT East offers individual and sibling private sessions with our Pro staff.  There are times a private training session is recommended to work on a specific skill and technique.  All Pro trainers will use the Coerver method to improve technical skills and build confidence. Private Training 1 on 1 with Coerver Pro Trainer

Customized sessions designed specifically for each player's unique needs.  100% personal attention
Intense focused workouts with many repetitions

Complete form below for private request and a trainer will contact you via email for more details.  If we can provide a trainer for your private request they will contact you and payment is due prior to the session at the time of booking.  We get more requests than we can cover, so please honor your appointment and schedule more than 1 session in advance.  

Private and Small Group Training is available outside of training sessions, camps, clinics etc
Players of similar skill and ability per trainer.  Many repetitions and with realistic game pressure. Lower cost per player. 

Balanced Rest-to-Labor Ratio. Sessions designed for each group’s age and level. 

Price range:

  • Individual Field Players 1 on 1 $50 per session (Goalkeepers $60/hr)
  • Groups of 2-3 players; $40/player/session
  • Groups of 4-5 players: $30/player/session
  • Groups of 6 players; $25/player/session 

Locations vary depending on player/trainer locations. 
Different Pro Trainers are available and will be centrally scheduled
All reservations require pre payment and a minimum of 2 sessions at time of payment and 24 hours reschedule time done via email

At Coerver we strive to build a love for the game and the discipline to train hard to achieve a player's best performance.  There are times we will have access to new technology and will integrate it as part of our different programs.  One technology that  Coerver CT East utilizes is a touch trainer. Players work on Coerver guided first touch exercises with a state of the art machine that delivers precise balls for our players to work on first touch.  The touch trainer delivers the balls so trainers can focus on technique and footwork skills.  Focus is on first touch and will incorporate Coerver moves sets and passing/receiving skills.