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Team Training

Coerver® Team Camps and Team Training Programs

Team Training

   TEAM Training is available in the Spring and Fall seasons. Each session follows a detailed written curriculum filled with activities used by Coerver® Coaching worldwide that are proven to be challenging, effective and outrageously fun.

The objective in each training session will embrace the idea of going “deeper rather than faster” as all essential technical skills are expanded and sharpened helping players become comfortable using either foot when taking on defenders, completing a pass to a teammate, receiving the ball with a dynamic first touch or finishing with finesse. All sessions will be increasingly challenging initiating with a dynamic warm-up that will provide the fundamental skills required to succeed in the following 1v1 game(s) and small group situations (from 2v1 to 5v5) that are the building blocks of team play.  In addition, throughout small sided activities, we will emphasize the importance of the individual option to promote poise and confidence in players which will so often determine a game’s outcome in years to come.

These sessions strive to accelerate player development within a team atmosphere by helping players learn to “own the ball” as both individuals and collectively.  They will be poised, confident, creative and bold with the ball, making excellent use of the fundamental elements of team play.  They will “see the game” and regularly anticipate the coming movements of players and the ball.  They will demonstrate the ability to make good decisions about the mix of individualism (“I can beat you myself”) and team play (“or with the help of my teammates”.)

Players learn that the ultimate team player uses his or her own best efforts both to get better and to challenge teammates to improve as well. That idea is one example of Coerver’s emphasis on developing the character traits found in the most successful athletes. After all, it’s the Life Lessons you learn through sports that will be more enduring, and are therefore are more important, than anything you’ll learn about soccer.


Who it is for

This program is for any club team U8-U15, providing in depth Coerver training that is systematic and sustained over time, with a focus on developing the essential skills for an athlete’s future in The Game. Athletes will need to bring their best effort and “teachable spirit” to each session. In addition, we will emphasize playing boldly, not being afraid to make mistakes. Below are examples of skills taught throughout the sessions:


  • Superior 1v1 Skills: the ability and confidence to take on and beat an opponent in a one-on-one situation, together with the poise to keep possession of the ball under strong defensive pressure. Players can expect to learn or refine 1v1 moves to beat opponents and apply them throughout different one-on-one activities at every session.
  • Elite First Touch: In addition to recording each players’ progression throughout our 8 Juggling levels, a great amount of emphasis will be made on the ideas behind the 4 D’s (Decision, Direction, Distance and Disguise) to provide players with an optimal first touch, setting themselves up for success.
  • Accuracy with Power Shooting: Teaching how to strike the ball with the different surfaces of the foot is one of the most important things we do. The 7 Words (Hop, Load, Lock, See, BOB, Swing, Step) is a key “take-away” to help players improve muscle memory (it’s really “neuron memory”) that is needed so that it’s done right, without thinking, every single time.
  • Mastery of the Small Group Situations (2v1, 3v1, 3v2, etc.) which are the building blocks of team play.


Bring to sessions with you:

  • Ball – write name and phone number on it
  • Water bottle
  • Shin guards- required to be worn at all times on the field



There are 4 Team Training options available:

TEAM (U8 – U12) 90 minute sessions

Option 1 -> 5 Sessions (90 minutes)  =   $900

*If two teams are interested in back-to-back sessions = $810 per team (10% discount)

Option 2 -> 8 Sessions = $1440

*If two teams are interested in back-to-back sessions = $648 per team (10% discount)

TEAM (U12 – U15) 90 minute sessions

Option 3 -> 5 Sessions  =  $1000

*If two teams are interested in back-to-back sessions = $900 per team (10% discount)

Option 4 -> 8 Sessions = $1600/ team

*If two teams are interested in back-to-back sessions = $720 per team (10% discount)

To initiate the Team Training registration, email us at  [email protected] providing the amount of players interested along with a preferred field location. Once a Coerver coach, dates and location is selected, a check can be made to Coerver CT East with the check memo displaying Coerver Team Training. All checks can be mailed to:

Coerver CT East

P.O. Box 208

Coventry, CT 06238

EMAIL : [email protected]
PHONE : 860 455 5962