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Coerver® First Soccer Skills


First Soccer Skills is Coerver® Coaching’s market-leading proposition to parents of beginner players, ages 4-6. First Soccer Skills is more EDUCATIONAL, more EFFECTIVE, and more FUN! Than any other introductory soccer skills program. FIRST SOCCER SKILLS builds the essential foundations young players need before they step into organized, competitive team play.


The Coerver® Foundation Pyramid has 4 components:


  •     Skills (Basic Ball Mastery, and simple 1v1 Moves)
  •     Speed (particularly mental reaction speed)
  •     Shooting (kicking technique)
  •     Small-sided games (2v2/3v3)


First Soccer Skills mission is:


  • To help children develop self-confidence and a love of football
  • To develop important foundation skills with a focus on ball mastery, striking/shooting, and how to play in small-sided games
  • To develop listening skills, extended concentration, speedy reactions, as well as core social skills of communication and cooperation
  • To learn the basics of healthy eating

Registration Listing


PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is Coerver® Coaching’s year-long “Flagship” program. Run by experienced coaches who customize skills development to the individual development needs of each young player. Based on Coerver®’s 5-S’s: 
Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength, Spirit.

The benefits to players include: Improved Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength & Spirit. Increased Game Confidence & CreativityMore Effective Home PracticeHealthier Player HabitsGreater On-Field Impact With Your Team

FIRST SKILLS - TUESDAYS 11/19 - 12/7 , 5-6 PM

Registration closes on 12/17/2019 at 01:30 PM
Season Dates: 11/19/2019 to 12/17/2019
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